why does everyone have spongebob icons what am i missing


asking the wrong person because my icons Patrick




i don’t get the PLL fandom, they hate Aria for only talking about her romantic life but yet when she gets a story line they hate her for that too. and then they worship fucking Alison Dilaurentis who is without a doubt the worst character on this show. This fandom is full of hypocrites its disgusting 


I don’t wanna see any hate on Ezria because of Zach

Ezra and Zach are two COMPLETELY different characters


It’s funny, people are so quick to hate on Aria for what she did to Hanna but then they turn around and post shit about how Aria is a terrible character and has no room to talk because all she did was fuck Ezra for seasons. 

Talk about slut shaming am i right? 


Madonna be like



Interviewer: This film is much different than the first one and Chris Evans is the only other “constant” so to speak – is it important that you guys are the holdovers -

Sebastian Stan: It’s like no time’s gone by. It’s really neat. We just see each other when we go, ‘Round two. Here we go.’ And then we’re back to where we were.


I’m literally so pissed off the girls are treating hanna as if she always fucks up but truth is she always has a reason to they never believe anything she says Aria thinks she’s lying about Zach flirting with her and instead of asking her why she always drinks all the time they just kiss up to Alison’s ass is2g PLL writers better fix this shit or at least let Hanna and Caleb go to that trip to Japan he was talking about bc he’s the only one who seems to care about her right now

Most Comic-Con panel guests: Walks on stage after being introduced, smiles, and waves, then sits down.
Robert Downey, Jr: Dances on stage to Michael Jackson music, brings on a suit case, and throws roses into the crowd.
Robert Downey, Jr: *continues dancing as his other cast members are introduced*